I wouldn’t say I drink a lot, BUT I sure do like to have a drink in the evenings. If I have one it’s usually just one drink, BUT (those dang Buts!!) I will occasionally have a little more.

Back in my single going out days I loved to order a “red headed slut” shooter. I never knew exactly what was in it but they were just so darn good. So recently I did a little research and figured out how to make my own at home. I’m so silly I decided to turn it into a drink to sip on instead of a shooter. I don’t like to get wild and crazy in the evenings I just want to relax a little.

They are so easy and yummy. Here is the recipe…

  • 1 Part Peach Schnapps
  • 1 Part Jagermeister
  • 2 Parts Cranberry Juice


Put into a shaker and shake your life away and then pour and enjoy!


❤ Sarah


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