10 Reasons Why Couponing Is NOT For Me

After spending 2 hours searching the web for coupons and cross checking them with local sales ads, I came to the conclusion couponing is just not for me. I thought it’d be a good way to save some money and have a little fun. I thought it would be fun because snagging a good deal or getting something for nothing is super excited and a little bit of a high. After my not so fun 2 hours and then my even less fun shopping trip I compiled a list of reasons why I will never try to be an “Extreme Couponer” again!

  1. I ALWAYS have to do my shopping with one of the kids. And for someone who isn’t a pro, shopping with a crap load of coupons is just to time consuming and the kids don’t have the patience.
  2. I HATE going to more than 1 or 2 stores when I drive into town. Real couponers go to several stores making sure they get the best sales at each location.
  3. I can’t get the local paper delivered to my house, so I have to try to get my coupons online. This is not terrible but its super annoying and waste A LOT of ink. A Real Couponer gets 3-4 or more of each paper to stock pile the sales ads.
  4. After my experience today I realized that stores suck at stocking what they are promoting on the front of their sales ads. I will not waste my gas to go back for a rain check on an item that I’m only saving 50 cents on.
  5. Stores also suck at marking their sale items correctly which then makes my coupon shopping take even longer and have I have to get help. So annoying!
  6. Real Couponers take advantage of stores that double coupons. In my area stores no longer do this so jumping through hoops to save 40 cents just doesn’t make
    sense to me.
  7. When I find a good $2 off coupon it’s for something I wouldn’t normally buy. Or it’s for something I do normally buy like shampoo but I can still pay less for a different brand.
  8. I can’t ever find coupons for fresh healthy foods. It’s rare to find a coupon that isn’t for processed food. Don’t get me wrong we eat that junk but I try really hard to avoid it.
  9. A lot of coupons have expiration dates that are only 2-3 weeks from the date they are in the sales ads. This means that when I finally see that item I have a coupon for on sale I realize it expired on me and the excitement quickly dies!
  10. I’m just not that organized. As hard as I try, I just can’t do it. It takes up too much of my time to try and get organized enough to make couponing work for me.

Don’t get me wrong if I see a coupon for something I buy regularly I take advantage of it. I have in the past got things for free because of using coupons. They can be great BUT it’s just not realistic for the average mom to Coupon like what you see on TV.

After 2 hours of work trying to snag some deals here are a couple of my deals… They aren’t impressive that’s for sure!


  • Free cotton squares
  • Free Hormel REV
  • Garnier Shampoo. Reg. $3.99, on sale for $2.99 and I had a $1 off coupon. Final price $1.99
  • A package of m&m’s and Dove Chocolate. Reg. $4.19, on sale 2 for $6 and I had a $1 off coupon. Final price $2.50 each

To those of you who coupon and get great deals I admire you and your hard work!!!

❤ Sarah


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