My Favorite Thing Right Now

For Christmas my parents bought my husband and I a NutriBullet. My parents have been really into Juicing and they wanted to spread the excitement so my siblings and I all got one. At first I wasn’t overly excited. I thought it was cool but didn’t think too much into it.

After we got home from our New Year’s trip I got the bullet out and started reading through the recipe book and I got really excited! Since the beginning of the month I have been making nutri Blast EVERY DAY! I love it. I have a blender and had used that to make smoothies but it never really worked out to good. It’s a cheapo so there really isn’t any surprise that it didn’t work to well. I don’t want this to sound like a commercial or anything but, I love my NutriBullet so I just have to talk about it! I have been feeling so good taking in all these extra fruits and veggies. My skin is where I have seen the most improvements. It just looks and feels so much better. And that is surprising because its winter and my skin tends to be drier this time of year, but in the last week I have seen a big difference! My energy levels have been better to!

Here is what I had this morning… SPINACH… I love my spinach. It’s very mild tasting so it is really easy to get that extra nutrition without feeling like you are eating straight greens.


Next, I always have to have a banana it really helps make my drinks smoother and sweeter.spinach.banana

Then, I throw in some frozen fruits and a Halo (California Clementine). This is a tropical blend I found at Walmart. It’s the first time I have bought it and its pretty stinkin good.


Add some ground flax seed and fill up with water to the max line and you’re ready to blend.


Yum, pure deliciousness! Now if I could just get my husband to drink this with me. He can’t handle that it’s a little pulpy. My 14 month old really enjoys sharing these with me, no complaints there. You can see there is enough for a refill… I love that!


Thanks Mom and Dad!!

❤ Sarah


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