Managing Money With Dave Ramsey

In another life I was a financial planner. Not because I’m so amazing with my budgeting or investments choices but because I really love learning about money. I’m such a nerd when it comes to this stuff. It makes me happy to talk about it. Sometimes I go overboard asking people questions about finances, not because I want to judge them and their money choices but because I just love hearing about it.

This time of year really makes you evaluate your finances. When all those forms starting arriving in my mailbox I know it’s that time to do taxes and go through all my paperwork. This year will be different for me. It’s one of the first years that I’m going to see an accountant, instead of using to do my taxes. I have had major issues with one website in particular. I didn’t know it until years later when the IRS came knocking at my door wanting money from me. Absolutely no fun. But I still didn’t go to an accountant after that… I know I know DUMB! So, this year I’m going to pay someone to handle my taxes for me.

I have listened to Dave Ramsey for years, I love him! I have half-heartedly taken his advice throughout the years. So this year I have decided to follow his advice and his program 100%. We have always saved for retirement or for something that we wanted but we have never saved just to save. I want to be those people who enjoy stock piling money. I don’t want to live my whole life spending every dime that comes into my account. After my husband and I made the decision to follow Dave’s Baby step program I went to his website and found an accountant to do my taxes. Next I bought some software that would help me do my household budget and debt snowball. I spent about 3 hours today going through all my accounts and spending habits. For most people that would be hell… for me it was heaven. My husband got home and I started talking a mile a minute about it. He is on board but not as excited as me.

Here are a few of my “Money Goals” for the next 12 months

  • No debt except our House (Step #2)
  • Have our “Baby” emergency fund (Step #1 $1000 Saved)
  • By the end of November have Christmas funded… (No last-minute, its the 24th and I’m BROKE!!!) Hubby was shocked at how much we would have to save per month to fund Christmas, I’m thinking it may be time to scale back.
  • Follow a written budget, something I have never been able to completely do
  • Move our 401k monthly savings back up to 10% from 6% it’s currently at. We dropped it down a few months ago, I think it was a mistake, the more you make the more you spend, right?
  • Not feel guilty if my husband and I splurge on something!
  • Most importantly, start donating money regularly without feeling like I can’t afford to do it.

I ordered a book to read to keep me motivated and a cool envelope system so I can keep my cash system organized. I was so hyped up this morning about it I called my mom trying to get her to do it along with us… She’s interested so hopefully she will jump on board to.

❤ Sarah


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